My Services

What can I help you with?

Concept Art

Have a idea that needs to come to life? I can help you with a diverse range of concept art experience ranging from environment design, character design, product design, video games and more...

Industrial Design

I offer a wide range of industrial design services and can help with all phases of product development and sourcing. Have an idea that needs help getting into production? No problem!

Toy Design

Have an amazing toy idea that needs help getting from concept to production? No problem! I can help take your toy idea from its initial concept all the way to a boxed product!

Graphic Design

Need a little help designing a logo or finding a brand identity for your business? P.O.P., PDQ displays, package design, graphics, print, web and more…yes sir, I can help you with that!

3D CAD Design

Looking for someone to help you bring your idea to prototype? I've helped many entrepreneurs and innovators bring their ideas into reality. With the creation of your idea in a 3D CAD file, we can take you from idea to 3D print in no time.