Sketch of the Week November 4/09

zombie clowns

I hope everyone has one last little bit of Halloween in them!  I missed the past week due to a fairly big freelance project with a tight deadline.  Gotta pay the bills I guess.  I was hoping to get in a few more Halloween sketches but what cha gona do?

So as promised I give you ZOMBIES!  And not just zombies but zombie clowns no less!  I’ve just combined two of the creepiest things on this planet.  I dare you to think something creeper!  O wait is that zombie on the bottom left Zombie Ronald McDonnald?  Heck yea complete with dollar menu cheeseburger.  Zombie can has cheeseburger!

I honestly cant give a good reason for the sepia tone other than I found an old photo online and it just looked creepy.  So I figured what the heck try it out.  For a sketch I think it works.  Could be a cool story as to why someone would of taken this vintage photo of some zombies.

O and who couldn’t love the cute little midget zombie clown.  I just want to pinch his lil zombie nose as it squeaks at me…. and then proceeds to bite my face.

One last note I realized it helps to think of people with Cerebral Palsy when drawing zombies.  No I’m not trying to make a mean joke it’s a helpful tip. The contortions of the body just seems to have an odd parallel.

Se ya next week as always I’m always open to sketch suggestions.


As an added bonus I found this sweet picture of a zombie baby.  Isn’t he cute!

funny-pictures-your-child-watched-too-many-zombie-moviesmini zombie

4 thoughts on “Sketch of the Week November 4/09

  1. Thats not my cat or baby. My cats are filthy, they lick their buts then clean the rest of themselves with the same tongue. So that being said i would never let Tiny E mouth all over my cats.

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