Sketch Of The Week May 15/09

five-wheeled-motorcycle2I’m little behind this week but better late than never.  Anyways, as promised this weeks sketch is a five wheeled motorcycle, pharaoh, with a bomb.

Before anyone says hey that motorcycle has four wheels and I paid for five!  Well you have to look at the side sketch.  Right above the back two wheels there is a third wheel incorporated into the suspension.  I did some napkin sketches of the bike with two back wheels that were side by side but it came out looking like a trike which just doesn’t have that sleek look I was going for.

The bomb and the pharaoh themes are both incorporated into the rider.  The most notable thing about the look of a pharaoh is the headdress, so I worked in some of those features into the helmet and the shoulder padding.  If you look closely there is a speaker/air filter that takes the look of the goatee.  As for the bomb, the only way to be more extreme than riding 200mph on a five-wheeled motorcycle is to do that with a bomb strapped onto your back.

That’s it for this week.


8 thoughts on “Sketch Of The Week May 15/09

  1. I’d own one =) That thing looks crazy awesome! It’s a really cool concept too. As always, your art kicks booty.

  2. good but not great. It has that sleek mechanical look you said you were striving for and the technical detail is beautiful, BUT… It lacks the playful character of some of your other work that I really enjoy. I just like that aspect of your style more. Plus I think you pigeoned holed yourself by being tooooooooooooo specific with part of the theme. (5 wheeled motorcycle) something like “mechanical transportation could allow you to really be creative. Again. It is drawn really well as usual, it just looks like a Kawasaki with some extra wheels. And also, YOU SUCK!!!!!

  3. Finally some discussion. Yes I do suck but I am working on that.

    I do agree that the theme this time was a little too specific but I still like the idea. Why a five wheeled motorcycle? Why not? I’ve never seen a motorcycle with more than 2 wheels, so I tried to push myself and see what came out. I really think that the extra wheels could work if I had a few more sketches or some minor revisions. For example if this was a CG animation it would look sweet going around the corners if the wheels reacted to the road by shifting out of alignment to help maintain balance and improve the turning radius.

    So by exploring the five wheels I came up with a few ideas that I normally would not of had with the traditional 2 wheels. If I did a second sketch I would cut it down to three wheels and build on the shifting wheels concept more.


  4. I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back later on. Cheers

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