Sketch Of The Week May 20/09

Concept art for ocean robot

It seems like just yesterday I finished last weeks sketch.  Man how time flies! This week’s sketch of the week is a fish operated, robot, out of the water.

When I was sketching this I tried to twist the look of a deep-sea sub and warp it to look as if a creature from the ocean designed it.  You can see the influence from a crab and an octopus.  I wanted this thing to walk out of the ocean so the crab and octopus seemed like the obvious choice for influence.  I know and octopus doesn’t technically walk but it does kind of pull itself along coral reliefs at times.

I do like the how the pilot is in essence in a fish bowl.   He really couldn’t pilot the robot with any limbs so I hooked him up to the mech matrix style.  Note the little army he is already started to form below him.  The streets shall flow with the blood of the air breather!

At one point I had scanned it and posted this sketch only to take it down and add the little tentacles you see hanging from the bottom and a few extra robot claws.  I really think it helped.  Once I saw it on the monitor it was kind of like looking at the image with a different set of eyes. I could pick out flaws that that I had just gotten use to after starring at the image for too long.  I have one friend that will hold a piece he is working on in front of a mirror to get that fresh look.

See ya next week

7 thoughts on “Sketch Of The Week May 20/09

  1. Chrissy’s first impression was that this device is awfully comlpex. How did a simple anglar with barely a high school education construct a complex robot land walker? The engineering physics of such a machine is mind bottleing. Besides this obvious theoretical flaw, the drawing is sweet. I would like to see more of the long tenticles, and maybe the claws could be grabbing things.

  2. perhaps she didnt realize the power of a school of fish! Or maybe he didn’t build it at all, maybe aliens built it. Maybe PITA to teach us a lesson. Any number of possibilities.

    If i refined the concept more i would tweak the claws and maybe add a power source on the top of the fish bowl cockpit.

    I could see this being a night scene and mimic the lighting you see see coming off of a deep sea vehicle.


  3. See this is exactly why I stay out of the water, you never know what these things are doing! One thing’s for sure, it’s not after me!

  4. A night scene would look cool, but so would a sunny mid-afternoon scene, with children and fat slobs in bikinis running wildly terrified from these deep sea monsters that have bridged the gap between our world and theirs. Still dripping, hanging bits of seaweed and maybe a star fish stuck to the outside of the tank would be funny additions too.

    I also forgot to mention that you suck last time.

    Sooooooooo, you suck.

  5. Also, to jigglybean. Great handle. Jigglybean.
    I just like to say it. It’s sweet. It makes me wish that Andy and the Bills didn’t suck so bad. But alas…

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