Sketch of the Week October 14/09

Botany witchSo I was spending some time thinking about what the heck the theme is going to be for the sketch of the week and then I realized “It’s freaking Halloween!” So that being said my killer themes for this week are Witch, Knight and Botany.  No Botany isn’t when you sleep with sheep it’s the study plants. Get your mind out of the gutter.

All things considered I like how she came out.  I would of liked to push the color more but a great man once said “artwork is never done it’s just strategically abandoned”.  Or at least I think someone once said that.  I tried to make her armor somewhat light but still have that medieval knight look.  She does not need too much heavy protection, incase you haven’t noticed there is a huge golem behind her.   That’s actually my favorite part.  It’s subtle but what has what has not been seen cannot be unseen!

Obviously the botanical part comes in with the golem but you can see small accents of vines on her legs, stomach and hat. Depending on the situation I can see the vines covering her body for more protection or just to show emotions.  One more thing to note about the golem is that it’s mimicking her pose like a puppet.  I thought that was a cool dynamic to the image.

If you cant see the witch influence.  Well that’s your problem.

Good things to look forward to next week.  ZOMBIES!  “All we want to do is eat your brains.  We’re not unreasonable no ones gona eat your eyes.”  That could be one of the best songs ever.

botany witch detail

5 thoughts on “Sketch of the Week October 14/09

  1. pretty cool. Has a real poison ivy/ witchblade feel. I agree that the golem in the background may be the most interesting aspect of the design. I would love to see some thicker and more defined vines on the ground and around her feet.

  2. Love it, as always =)

    I LOVE the evil shadow figure behind her, I didn’t notice it the first time, very subtle.

    Also, “RE:Your brains” is totally one of the best songs ever. You should listen to “Tom Cruse Crazy”. I’m not into Tom Cruse, but I like the song.

    “So open up the door, and we’ll all come inside and eat your brains!”

  3. hmmm tom cruse crazy? Sounds like a true story. I have some thoughts about what i am doing for zombies next week but any request?

  4. I would like to request that next week you and the Bills try to NOT suck so much.

    Also I would like to you work with some more exaggerated aangles and points of view. Let’s see you throw in some sweet foreshortening. If you can that is.

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