Sketch Of The Week October 7/09

robotSo I’m getting back on track, kind of..  Instead of a two-month gap between post I’m down to a two week gap.  Now that’s progress!

This week’s sketch  falls in the same universe as last weeks.  Remember Castle Von Beacon?  Well this would be one of the Marshals heavy tanks.  I was going for something not too futuristic with a heavy iron style.  Kind of like a big daddy from Bioshock but way “more machine now than man”.  Err if you can call a big daddy a man.

First nothing says bad ass like a huge mec with lobster claws for hands!  Then if that wasn’t enough he has guns coming out of his arm pits… I liked the guns so much I even threw in a second sketch of it.  Throw in some metal bolts to give it that heavy metal feel and boo-yea instant walking tank.  I toyed with putting a third leg on the mec but too many dirty jokes came to mind.

All right I’m done for now.  As always I open to suggestions for next weeks sketch.

See ya

cannon arm

One thought on “Sketch Of The Week October 7/09

  1. very cool. I’d like a better look at the legs. Are they segmnted and crab like, reverse jointed like a rabit’s back leg, or fore jointed like a person. I know that
    i have that problem deciding how everything fits together whenever I do something like this. You did a real nice job on showing that in the arms.

    you suck

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