SOTW Robocop 2.0 Redesign

This weeks SOTW is a redesign of Robocop.  A personal project I’ve been playing with off and on for a few months now, these are a few of the early concepts. Word on the street is that they are trying to revamp the Robocop franchise, so I wanted to give it a shot before they show anything.  This way if the updated version comes out and I don’t like it I an actually say “I did something way better than that crap!”

On redesigns like this I always try to do almost a caricature of the old version.  I want to change it as much as possible but still have the character be recognizable.  If you can’t tell it is, then you have pretty much failed.

Anyways in the next few weeks I plan on redesigning everything from Robocop’s gun to ED-209.   What you see here is just a start, and I have a lot more coming up that will be a lot more fleshed out.  See ya next week.


2 thoughts on “SOTW Robocop 2.0 Redesign

  1. Rockin. He’s definitely more modern. The only bit of feedback I’d give is he looks slightly more like he’s in the military than on a police force.

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