The Tron Light Cycle Concept Nov 21/09

light chopperAs promised this week, I worked on some concept art for the Tron light-cycle.  The original light-cycle has to be one of the coolest looking vehicles in movie history. In the top three at least, next to the X-wing and the dog van from Dumb and Dumber.

Anyways, I really wanted to draw the crotch rocket version of the light-cycle but the demon voices in my head kept telling me “Stop sucking and do something unique”.  So then it hit me, wouldn’t it be sweet if there were a chopper version of the light cycle?

It was a little tough to keep the tech look with the chopper feel but it worked out pretty well.  The hardest part was finding a place to attach the handlebars and make them look in place.  Wrapping them around the wheel and connecting them in the wheel well became the best solution.  I’m also a fan of the barbwire detailing on the gas tank too.  That accent really seemed to combine Tron and the chopper feel.

Originally, I started with blue highlights but decided to go red to keep with the bad boy feel. Finally the fire red/orange jet stream is a nod to the Ghost Rider.

Come back next week to see my version of the Recognizers.  I’ve been having a good time with the last two Tron sketches so why not go with it?   See ya in a week.


Tron light cycle sketch 1Tron Light cycle sketch 2

8 thoughts on “The Tron Light Cycle Concept Nov 21/09

  1. I like it more than the tank. The details, twist on a classic, the foreshortened view all work really well for this concept. I’d love to see it with rider and in a match with the other one. A real action scene with the trail and everything would be really really cool. So cool that I don’t know if you could pull it off. Because of your sucking problem that is.

  2. you’re such a whore Andy. Whatever happened to drawing something just to prove you can do better than some other jerk. When did you become all about the money? I doodle for the love of doodling. I keep the lights on with my other considerable skills. Bowstaff skills, nun-chukka skills, unquestioned sports team loyalty skills, connect four skills, and of course tons of useless knowledge about 1980’s cartoons skills. All of these help me to rule the tiny hamlet of New Petoria.

  3. Wow, you two are still as gay for each other as I remember.

    I dig the chopper. The organic lines and the natural looking materials fight the whole Tron aesthetic, but it’s a great design. With a quick recolor and some superficial embellishments it would be a kick ass Batcycle.

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